Dungeon Quest: Episode 3: The Hero of That Guy!

Here it is! You have asked for it and we have delivered, the long awaited, much anticipated DUNGEON QUEST: EPISODE 3!! In this episode, we meet Dien, the grandson of the old man! Dien is confronted by the ghost of his grandfather and by Teranyx, his mission, find a group of idiots dumb enough to follow him into the same crypt and save his grandfather! Enter Rogart, a human paladin with his heart in the right place but lacking in wits and Tim the cleric, slightly creepy and a bit soft in an encounter, but good for throwing out a few heals. Follow the latest episode as the group make their way toward the crypt and are ambushed by wolves and undead. The scariest part of this show may be at the end, when you find out what must be done, to open the back entrance to the crypt!

Dungeon Quest ep3: “The Hero of That Guy!” MP3

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  1. Like the show. Made me think of a solo D&D I played, the Ghost of Lion Castle. I have the book somewhere but found the map online. Working on recreating it on the qgn server. My minecraft name is Soulumin don’t ask . . . It is an old handle I stuck with, not good at making up names.

  2. Wow what a hidden gem this show. I had no idea what to expect when I downloaded the first three episodes. I was crying from laughing so hard. The sound effects, overall rp and the editing really make this show shine. I cannot wait for the next episode.

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