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We Are Now “Elder Scrolls Off the Record”

Skyrim Off the Record” has become “Elder Scrolls Off the Record” and we have now changed the scope of our conversation to include the entire series of The Elder Scrolls. Follow our gameplay and news podcast from Arena, to Skyrim, ESO and Legends.

Beyond news and gameplay, we meet up to record “Classic Elder Scrolls”, a completely separate podcast that focuses on lore and the history of the series and the topics covered within – and quickly becoming our listener’s favorite form of TES podcast.

Elder Scrolls off the Record” – The longest running, most informative, entertaining, and critically acclaimed Elder Scrolls podcast, ever.

Catch up at our new home, on



Dungeon Quest: Episode 3: The Hero of That Guy!

Here it is! You have asked for it and we have delivered, the long awaited, much anticipated DUNGEON QUEST: EPISODE 3!! In this episode, we meet Dien, the grandson of the old man! Dien is confronted by the ghost of his grandfather and by Teranyx, his mission, find a group of idiots dumb enough to follow him into the same crypt and save his grandfather! Enter Rogart, a human paladin with his heart in the right place but lacking in wits and Tim the cleric, slightly creepy and a bit soft in an encounter, but good for throwing out a few heals. Follow the latest episode as the group make their way toward the crypt and are ambushed by wolves and undead. The scariest part of this show may be at the end, when you find out what must be done, to open the back entrance to the crypt!

Dungeon Quest ep3: “The Hero of That Guy!” MP3

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This is a test of the Forney testing system. This is only a test.


The Quest Gaming Podcast/Dungeon Quest is COMING BACK!!!

Big things ahead guys! The Quest Gaming Podcast and Dungeon Quest WILL be making a come back! Under heavy construction, and may even take on a name and feed change. However, the important thing to note is, we ARE going to bring back this series and Dungeon Quest due to your feedback and requests! Look further updates all through the month of March and for a debut episode coming at the end of March or beginning of April!

We have Forums!

Keep in mind they are very basic right now and are a continuing project. We will make improvements on looks and layout n the days to come. But, for now they work!

Final Thoughts

Dear Listeners of The Quest Gaming Podcast,

After much discussion and debate, The Quest Gaming Staff have come to the realization that the time has come to bring The Quest Gaming Podcast to an end. Its important for you to know that we did not arrive at this decision lightly. All of us here feel a very special attachment to our main show of our network, however, in short, it is not drawing the listener ratings that we had hoped to see at this time. Despite overcoming incredible adversity and odds at the beginning and toward the middle of the show’s run, the real drawback to our show is also its greatest strength: Its general gaming topic.

When we came up with the idea to do a general gaming show, we had no idea the kind of over saturated market we were inserting ourselves into. The fact is, without a large advertising voice to draw podcast listeners to the show, a show of this nature becomes lost in the sea of competitors. Even though the show’s topic is general and gives the staff an endless array of topics to discuss, if podcast listeners aren’t aware we exist, the quality of our show could be the best there is, yet it would still be unsuccessful due to low listener base.

We have spent hundreds and possible well over a thousand man hours creating the podcast series as well as spent well over a thousand dollars in equipment, software, advertising and exploration costs. The staff was committed to this show like no other, and yet, all we can say in the end that it turned out to be a learning experience for us. We started the series as a couple of gamers highly motivated to talk about gaming, and believe we now walk away from this show, as professional quality podcasters, whose art continually evolves.

For those of you who have listened to us, we thank you, endlessly. We know this comes at a great disappointment, however, this is NOT the last you will hear from Joe, Evarwyn and Mike. We are going to replace the show with a much more finely tuned and specific subject and take with us, all that we have learned producing The Quest Show, Skyrim Off The Record, Dungeon Quest and The Side Quest. Our main webpage, will now serve as our network’s main hub for all of our shows. News and updates will be posted as well as links to all of our shows, their main pages, all of our past and previous episodes and shows as well, including our Livestream Chat room and much more.

Thank you again for sticking with us and for listening to The Quest Gaming Podcast. It has been an amazing ride and even though this particular series could not remain competitive, our next show will be built with these mistakes in mind and far surpass what we have done in the past. Of this, we are sure of.

With Great Admiration, The Quest Gaming Staff

Joe “The Wigit” Wilson


Mike Forney

Louis Olan

How Planetside 2 may change gaming, by


We talk a lot about Planetside 2 in our MMO segment, The Grind, and this article details exactly why we’re so excited about this title on The Quest!

Dungeon Quest Episode 2: “Head Games”

The second episode of the monthly Dungeon Quest continues the adventures of Teranyx, Wigit, Boon and the Strange Old Man.  What mischief will they get them self into? Listen to find out!

Dungeon Quest ep2: “Head Games” MP3

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The Quest Mine Craft Server

Hey all just wanted to let you know we do have a Minecraft server and you can join us.

Server address:

Currently the server is in creative mode, when 1.9 goes live it will be going back to survival. Also, we are currently useing 1.9 pre release 4 so you will need to update your game to that point in order to play on the server.



This is the Official Hub for the The Quest Gaming Network.  Please excuse the mess while we rework the site to the new look.

If you are looking for any old episodes of “The Quest Show” just click the link on the menu up top.

-The Hosts

Dungeon Quest Ep1: A Strange Old Man

The first of the monthly Dungeon Quests! In the begining there was a strange old

Dungeon Quest Episode 1: A Strange Old Man

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