Dungeon Quest

Here, you will find former episodes, as well as a synopsis of the story thus far.

Dungeon Quest ep2: “Head Games” Released Nov. 16 2011

The further adventures of Wigit, Tyranex and Boon! In “Head Games” Tyranex loses his temper and finally gets the Old Man to divulge his motivation for hiring the group to explore the crypt, all the while battling kobolds, undead and the puzzles and traps deep within! The heroes begin to understand: what they figured would be a mere errand and treasure hunt has become a nightmare deep within a sprawling labyrinth, that may very well claim all of their lives, in the end. Join the hosts of The Quest for an evening of high adventure and side splitting laughs.

Dungeon Quest Episode 1: A Strange Old Man Released Oct. 27 2011

In this first installment, we meet our reluctant heroes: Wigit (The master of deception, halfling rogue),  Tyranex (A ‘no nonsense’ drow ranger) and Boon (A giant, but dim witted half orc barbarian) . This rag tag group is thrown together when approached by a strange old man with a mysterious mission, promising riches, so long as they are able to help him acquire an item of “personal importance”. Join in on the laughs and adventure as the hosts of The Quest take you through this first episode of their audio series following the Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 rule set.


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