The Quest Podcast episodes

Alright guys here it is the entire run of The Quest Gaming Podcast episodes.  If you want to hear where we started as hosts, get an idea on where we come from or just want to listen to us go on about games then you came to the right place.  If you like what you hear, are a fan of the show or just want to give a shout out shoot us an e-mail or leave your remark in the comments below.

Episode 11: Black Yucky Stuff Released Dec. 16 2011

Episode 10: Great VGA Debate Released Dec. 9 2011

Episode 9: BlizFail 64 Released Dec. 2 2011

Episode 8: Dead Wing Vanu Released Nov. 26 2011

Episode 7: The Giant in the Room Released Nov. 17 2011

Episode 6: The Genesis of DCUO Released Nov. 10 2011

Episode 5: Fables & Fruit Bats Released Nov. 5 2011

Episode 4: Don’t Shoot Neighbor Zombies Released Oct. 29 2011

Episode 3: Blizzcon, Birds and Zombies …oh my! Released: Oct. 22 2011

Episode 2: Ullttrraa Coommbboo! Released: Oct. 17 2011

Episode 1: One Fat Link Released: Oct. 8 2011


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