The Hosts

Joe “The Wigit” Wilson: has worked in the game industry for years and held the positions of tester, lead tester, texture map artist and designer. He no longer works in the industry but plays more hours of games then he should….by far. He wrote and co-hosted the successful podcast “Player vs Rift” for the entire span of the show.  As for thee nick name…well that’s too long of a story to put here.



Mike Forney: An avid gamer from the West Coast.  I have been playing games since the atari 2600 and haven’t looked back since.  I own nearly every system however I really only play the PS3, XBOX360 and PC.  My forte is RPGs but I also play FPS, Action, MMOs, and am willing to give anything a try.  I am not a fanboy of any one console or game and will always give an honest opinion based on experience and facts.  If you want to to hit me up on PS3 or XBOX 360 shoot me an e-mail or message me on twitter  with your username and ill get back to you.

Evarwyn: Just a regular tee shirt and jeans kinda guy, hailing from the east coast. Gaming is a hobby and a passion for me! From consoles to PC, Action, RPG, FPS, Arcade, Puzzle and MMOs, past to present, chances are I’ve played it and formed my opinions one way or the other. I grew up with an NES controller in my hand and have played the best and worst the industry has to offer. Throw some questions at me, and you will definitely get an honest answer – and I don’t pull punches.

Louis Olan: As one of the co-hosts for ‘Skyrim: Off The Record”, I am excited to be a part of a show where we and fans of the game can get together. An avid gamer since I was a kid, I first started with the Atari and playing “Combat” and it grew from there. From the Colecovision, Intellivision, the Sega Genesis, all the Playstations, X-Box and PC, I am always thrilled to see what the gaming industry has in store for us. I look forward to hearing from everyone so we can talk about what motivates you-the gamer in all of us!

  1. loving Joe’s pic
    the Laundry Pirate :3

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